Salzburg (Austria), June 14 – 19, 2020

Mindfulness is often spoken of as “the heart of Buddhist meditation.” However, its essence is universal. As the Thervadan monk and Buddhist scholar, Nyanaponika Thera, put it in his classical work, The Heart of Buddhist Meditation, mindfulness is

  • the unfailing master key for knowing the mind, and is thus the starting point;
  • the perfect tool for shaping [our relationship to] the mind, and is thus the focal point;
  • the lofty manifestation of the achieved freedom of the mind, and is thus the culminating point.

Mindfulness has everything to do with open-hearted attention to the unfolding of experience as it is. In most Asian languages, the word for “mind” and the word for “heart” are the same word.  Therefore, we can understand mindfulness better if we simultaneously hear it as heartfulness and cultivate it in that way. During this retreat, we will be cultivating intimacy with our own experience as the days unfold, letting life itself become the curriculum. We will be engaging in a range of formal and informal meditation practices, including the body scan, various forms of guided movement, sitting meditation and walking meditation. 

There will be an emphasis on the cultivation of mindfulness in all daily activities to foster a seamless continuity of life and practice. The applications of mindfulness in the face of the full catastrophe of the human condition, including stress, pain, illness, our own tacit assumptions, implicit biases, and the challenges of social inequity and human-driven climate disregulation will be emergent themes.

Our five days together will take the form of an intensive retreat, with the first meditation of the morning at 6AM, and evening sessions going to 9:30PM or 10PM. It will include extended stretches of silent meditation practice as well as periods of conversation and dialogue about our unfolding experiences. Use of digital devices will be extremely curtailed during these five days.

Both professionals and laypeople are welcome, as are newcomers and longtime practitioners of mindfulness.

Course language

The Retreat will be taught in English – without translation.

Recommended reading

It is suggested that you read the four new volumes of Coming to Our Senses * before attending the retreat.

* Coming to Our Senses is being repackaged into 4 smaller books, each focusing on a different aspect of mindfulness, and each with a new foreword written by Jon Kabat-Zinn:


Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where he is Professor of Medicine emeritus. He is the author of numerous books on MBSR and mindfulness, currently in print in over forty languages.  He teaches mindfulness around the world.


Will Kabat-Zinn is a mindfulness and meditation teacher whose passion is to help people wake up to their own deepest nature. He spent close to a decade in and out of silent retreat, primarily in the Insight Meditation tradition and was deeply influenced by the late Sayadaw U Pandita of Burma and Chan Master Sheng-Yen of Taiwan.  Will is a member of the Spirit Rock Teacher’s Council and Board of Directors and leads a small practice group in the San Francisco Bay area. He lives in the East Bay with his wife and two children.


Application procedure

Jon's retreats have become extremely popular and in order to create more ease and fairness, we’ve decided to move away from a “first come-first served” process to an open enrollment period.

Applications are being accepted until October 27, 2019. 

No preference is given to when you apply within this enrollment period. All applications will go into a lottery system and be selected at random. After the open enrollment period closes, notifications of acceptance or waitlist status will be sent on November 5, 2019, in the afternoon.

We hope that with this procedure we have found a system that is fair for all applicants.

Note for couples: 
There will be a special contingent for couples or friends. If you would like to participate in pairs, please register two persons and enter the name, address and email address for the second person in the field "notes"; without this information the registration will be processed as an individual registration. 
The chance of a place will be the same as in the individual lottery. Couples will not participate in the single lottery.


The retreat will take place in Salzburg.
We will provide detailed Information about the venue when sending the confirmation of registration. A room reservation is only possible after you have received the confirmation of registration!

The prices for accommodation and full board (including 2 coffee breaks) are as follows:     

  • Single room: 127 Euro / night     
  • Double room: 113 Euro / night / person
  • We are currently negotiating with the seminar house whether additional overnight stays in dormitories can be offered. You will receive further information with the registration confirmation or you can find it here.

Participants who won't stay overnight in the seminar house, will pay a lump sum of 50 Euro / day (Monday to Thursday) and 23,40 Euro each for Sunday evening and Friday morning. This rate includes lunch and dinner, 2 coffee breaks, as well as the use of the rooms of the seminar house.
A breakfast buffet with organic and regional products can be booked for 12.10 Euro per day.

Please pay the above rates at the seminar house.

Retreat fee

790 Euro (without accommodation and meals)

Please transfer the retreat fee only after receipt of the invoice.

For participants with a lesser means we can offer a limited number of places at a reduced price. If you have been drawn to participate and would like to take advantage of one of these places, please send us an email.


Sunday, June 14, 2020
18.00 – 19.00    dinner
19.30 – 21.30    opening session

Monday, June 15, 2020
06.00 – 07.30    early morning practice
09.00 – 12.15    morning practice and dialogue                    
14.00 – 17.15    afternoon practice and dialogue
19.30 – 21.30    evening practice and dialogue

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
06.00 – 07.30    early morning practice         
09.00 – 12.15    morning practice and dialogue        
14.00 – 17.15    afternoon practice and dialogue
19.30 – 21.30    evening practice and dialogue

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
06.00 – 07.30    early morning practice         
09.00 – 12.15    morning practice and dialogue        
14.00 – 17.15    afternoon practice and dialogue
19.30 – 21.30    evening practice and dialogue

Thursday, June 18, 2020
06.00 – 07.30    early morning practice         
09.00 – 12.15    morning practice and dialogue        
14.00 – 17.15    afternoon practice and dialogue
19.30 – 21.30    evening practice and dialogue 

Friday, June 19, 2020
06.00 – 07.30    early morning practice         
09.00 – 11:00    morning session and closing
11.30                 early lunch

Cancellation Conditions
  • For cancellations up to two month prior to the beginning of the course, an administration fee of 50 Euro will be charged.
  • Between 60 and 10 days prior to the beginning of the course, 50% of the course fee will be charged.
  • Should the booking be cancelled less than 10 days prior to the beginning of the course, the entire course fee will be charged.
  • If there is a waiting list and the place can be assigned again, only an administration fee of 50 Euro will be charged.

In case of non-appearance or early departure from the event, the full course fee must be paid.

We recommend to take out cancellation insurance!

Notice of Liability

Participation in this retreat is at your own risk.
The leader of the retreat and the organizer don’t assume liability of personal or material damage.